Technical Partner

Alan Harper

Alan Harper
CEO and Founder

1962-67 Hon. Masters from UoP, Composite Engineering
1969-73, HNC Instrument & Control Systems Various Metal machining certificate, Instrumentation Technology/Technician From Harrow Technical & Art School, George Stephenson Technical College Cares about Environment, Science & Technology

Alan Harper & AHC

Dr. Alan Harper, CEO and Founder of AHC is an authority in the field of Composite Products and has contributed immensely in developing advanced technologies for manufacture of Composite Products including fiRST, the most recent closed mould technology with a range of services, manufacturing tools for full range of reusable silicon bag manufacturing machines and proprietary ancillaries under the banner of AHC

AHC represent that they provide environment –friendly and world’s most cost effective and efficient technology for closed mould and composite plastics industry and that they are constantly striving to reduce wastage, save cost and operate cleaner composite production, offering affordable hardware and new proven technology which is outside the box of existing production thinking;

Passion & Excellence Composite Engineering & Technology

  • Started career in 1970 as Designer & Manager with AMF Engineering for a tenure of 12 years.
  • In the year 1983, Founded Plastech TT Ltd. and operated the business for 23years.
  • In the year 2004, joined as a specialist in Mould & machine Design for Composites with MVP Ltd., UK Since Oct-2010 Director & Owner of Alan Harper Composites Ltd.

Dr. Alan Harper’s Association with MG Composites LLP

  • Technical Partner for MG Composites LLP.
  • Representation for detailed technical meetings required by clients of MG Composites.
  • Providing year round detailed guidance on manufacturing processes and product quality.
  • Auditing the manufacturing processes of MG Composites.
  • Implementation of the Closed moulding infusion technology developed by Dr. Alan Harper at MG Composites.
  • Tehcnical expertise on raw materials and their required compositions for various products being manufactured at MG Composites.
  • To keep processes, systems and technology upto date with global standards at MG Composites.
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Mr. TK Lim
Chartered Engineer Chairman

Certified Chartered Professional Engineer, CEng, MIEE, MIET, United Kingdom B. Eng. (Honors) Electronics and Electrical Engineering 1993, United Kingdom
TK Lim was awarded the Top Johnson Wax Price in Engineering for Best Commercial Viability Project in the field of Engineering (1993) amongst all engineering faculty.

TK Lim & SIFT Center Sdn. Bhd.

Mr. TK Lim, Chairman - SIFT Center Sdn. Bhd. strives to responsibly deliver unique customer centric solutions. SIFT Center strives to exceed the expectations of our customers in the field of customized solutions in advanced composite materials applied across the fields of Engineering to Architecture, whilst conforming to best Engineering Practices. Complete solutions provider for Marine division – design & build, Rail division, Architectural division, CNC machine division, Industrial Application – Design & proto-typing, Automotive Division, Engineering Division & mold building training, Composite production and Tourism Sector.

Passion & Excellence Composite Engineering & Technology

(1992- 2007) Lysaght Group of Companies

  • 1992-1993, Factory Engineer
  • 1993-1994, Head of Electrical
  • 1994-1997, Head of Mechanical & Electrical Department
  • 1995-1997, Technical Marketing Engineer
  • 1997-1999, Regional Sales Manager & Marketing Manager
  • 1999-2001, Assistant to General Manager
  • 2001-2007, General Manager

Since 2007, Engineering and Composites Solution Provider for Machinery & Advanced Composites Components

Mr. TK Lim’s Association with MG Composites LLP

  • Mr. Lim will be a Technical partner with MG Composites
  • He would help us streamlining the new MG Composites facility, R&D Center (Center of Excellence) and help in setting up SOP’s and best practices which can be incorporated in new product developments for MG Composites business
  • MG Composites LLP will jointly develop new products with Mr. Lim’s expertise.